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Thanks For Joining!  Let's Get You Going 

You are going to love the Private Fairway experience!  Being a member is like having your very own golf simulator in your home.  In fact, it's better because you don't have to clean up before you invite your buddies over.   So in order to ensure you have the best experience there are just a few simple things we need to do to get you on your way! 

Step 1:  Schedule an Orientation

To help you get the most out of your membership we schedule a comprehensive orientation with each new member.  We will reach out to you shortly to schedule a convenient time.  You can also book an orientation time or request a time by clicking the button. 

Step 2:  Get the Apps

Booking Times & Managing Your Membership 

Book Your Time and Stay-up-to-date with Spaces.  With the Spaces app on your phone you will be able to book and cancel times, master the TrackMan system with videos, troubleshoot issue and communicate with our staff.  Spaces is available for both iPhone and Android systems. 

Once you download Spaces join with the same account you created at check out. If you are asked for an invite code, the code is 68ED6W

Download the apps using in the QR code or links here. 


iOS App Store

Google Play Store

Create a Trackman Account and Get the TrackMan Golf App

You can create a free TrackMan account at  This will allow you to upload and save your practice sessions to the cloud.  


There is a very cool TrackMan Golf App for both Android and iOS mobile devices.  The TrackMan Golf app will help you improve your game by uploading your practice sessions and virtual golf rounds to your phone so you can review distances, club choices and more than 26 data points for each swing.  You can also preview the 250+ course available and set up rounds before coming to the studio.


Download the apps using in the QR code or links here. 


iOS App Store


Google Play Store

Step 3:  Review the Booking Policy & Schedule Some Times 

Booking Policy - Holding Only Three Hours at  a Time

Our Booking Policy allows each member to hold up to THREE (3) 50 -minute sessions at a time.  You can then book more sessions as you use them or cancel them.  This policy ensures equal access to all members. 

For example: If you are holding an hour on Monday and two hours back-to-back on Thursday you have used your 3 sessions.  When you come in on Monday you have freed up that slot and can now book another session anytime you like.  Then when you come Thursday you have freed up the next 2 slots.  


Our booking system will NOT prevent you from booking more than 3 sessions so everyone is on their honor to follow the policy.  If you book more than three times I will automatically delete any additional bookings starting with the furthest out.  You will receive an email notifying you of cancelled times.  


Hold More Time with a Membership Upgrades

If you would like to hold more than three sessions we offer membership upgrades.  These upgrades are a monthly add-on to your membership and can be added or cancelled.  The upgrade levels are:  $80 per month to hold 1 additional time (4 total), $150 per month to hold 2 additional times (5 total), $200 per month to hold 3 additional times (6 total).  Upgrades will be factored into the overall membership.  For example, a member that upgrades with 3 more sessions will count as 2 members.


If you would like to add an upgrade you can purchase them here:  

Scheduling Your Times

Once you are set up with the app you your account will be activated and you will be able to book times.  It might take 6-12 hours before you are officially active.  Just be sure not to book any sessions before your orientation since you won't have a key to get in.   If you have problems booking just message us using MESSAGE button on the main page of the app.  

Cancel Unused Times 

You can cancel times by clicking on the Profile Icon in the app and going to the My Agenda session.  Please do your best to cancel unused times  so other members can use the studio.  You can cancel up to 30 minutes before.  You havre trouble canceling please message me and I will help you.

Step 4:  Check out Some Videos 

Get a head start on your membership and improving your game with some videos: 

Orientation & Tutorial Videos 

We have created video version of our orientation as well as videos covering some advanced features of the TrackMan.  You can find these videos on our YouTube Channel at these links: 


Orientation Videos - Getting Started with Private Fairway & Trackman

Advanced Features, Tips & Tricks  - Going a Bit Deeper

Trouble Shooting - Solutions for the most common issues you might find

TrackMan Videos

YouTube is full of videos that show off the power of TrackMan.  Of course some are better than others.  We have compiled a list of videos we feel offer the best explanation and help for your game.   


Best of TrackMan Videos 

Step 5: Contact Us With Any Questions 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or problems.  You can use the chat feature on this web site, email us at or use the message feature in the Spaces App.  We will respond as soon as we are able and help you get everything worked out.  

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